Call for Papers


The Euro-Asia Tourism Studies Association (EATSA) Inaugural Conference is an international forum for researchers and industry experts to exchange information regarding advances in the state of the art and application of tourism, hospitality and leisure management in the region of Euro-Asia. 

We welcome submissions addressing the EATSA Inaugural Conference theme-Euro-Asian Tourism Innovation and Human Ecology. Issues related to the broad theme of the conference include, but are not restricted to the following:
  • Creative industry and tourism
  • Cultural values and tourism management
  • Experience economy and human life in tourism
  • Households and tourism
  • Interface connecting technology and humanity in tourism industries
  • Service and tourism industries
  • Social business and tourism
  • Social responsibility and business ethics in tourism issues
  • Sport tourism and ecology
  • Sustainable tourism and environment
  • Tourism promotion, communication, and tourism marketing

Advisory Committee

Anne-Marie Lebrun (U. of Burgundy, France)
Antonio Magliulo (UNINT U., Italy)
Changwan Kim (Keimyung U., South Korea)
Jeong-Gil Choi (Kyung Hee U., South Korea)
Mehmet Ali GUROL (KMU U., Turkey)
Nicolas Lorgnier (Canisius College, USA; Université Lille 2 Droit et Santé, France)
Patrick Bouchet (U. of Burgundy, France)
Sanghyeok Park (Gyung Nam U. of Science and Technology, South Korea)
Sang-Jun Kim (Kinki U., Japan)
Wilson Ozuem (Regents U. London, UK)
Yanki Hartijasti (Indonesia U., Indonesia)
Elizete de Azevedo Kreutz (U. Center Univates, Brazil)
Yi Jen Wang (U. of Marketing and Distribution Sciences, Japan)
Masakazu Otsu (Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts, Japan)

Conference Chairs

Che-Jen Su (Fu Jen Catholic U., Taiwan)
Francisco Dias (Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal)
Jia-Jhen Liu (Taiwan Hospitality & Tourism U., Taiwan)
Joanna Kosmaczewska (U. School of Physical Education in Poznan, Poland)
Jun-Ren Wang (National Taiwan Sport U., Taiwan)
Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez (Huelva U., Spain)
Kuo-Cheng R. Liu (Taiwan Hospitality & Tourism U., Taiwan)

Executive Chairs

Chih-Hung Pai (Taoyuan Innovation Institute of Technology, Taiwan)

Program Chairs

Hisao Fujimoto (Osaka U. of Economics, Japan)
Marica Mazurek (Matej Bel U., Slovakia)
Masayuki Maruyama (Poole Gakuin U., Japan)
Namjae Cho (Hanyang U., South Korea)
Yifeng Shen (Xiamen U., China)

Track Chairs

Derong Lin (Xiamen U., China): Hospitality
Hyo-Jae Joun (Korea Culture & Tourism Institute, South Korea): Recreation
Yuichi Hirooka (Wakayama U., Japan): Tourism

Organizing Committee

Chih-Chien Wang (National Taipei U., Taiwan)
Hsiao-Min Chuang (Taiwan Hospitality & Tourism U., Taiwan)
Jin-Hsing Yang (National Taiwan U. of Science & Technology, Taiwan)
Su-Lee Tsai (Fu Jen Catholic U., Taiwan)
Wen-Yu Su (Chinese Culture U., Taiwan)
Y. K. Wang (Taiwan Textile Research Institute, Taiwan)
Shuo-Shiung Chou (Tunghai U., Taiwan)


Shau-Yen Huang (Fu Jen Catholic U., Taiwan)
Ching-Sung Lee (Fu Jen Catholic U., Taiwan)
Shun-Wan Hsu (Fu Jen Catholic U., Taiwan)
Ta-Kuang Hsu (Fu Jen Catholic U., Taiwan)
Jong-Yu Chyuan (Fu Jen Catholic U., Taiwan)
Yuan-Huei Wang (Fu Jen Catholic U., Taiwan)
Wan Erh Chiang (Fu Jen Catholic U., Taiwan)
Wen-Hwa Ko (Fu Jen Catholic U., Taiwan)
Chih-Ching Teng (Fu Jen Catholic U., Taiwan)
Si-Shyun Lin (Fu Jen Catholic U., Taiwan)
Hsiang-Fei Luoh (Fu Jen Catholic U., Taiwan)
Chi-Mei Emily Wu (Fu Jen Catholic U., Taiwan)
Shan-Shan Cheng (Fu Jen Catholic U., Taiwan)
Hung-Sheng Herman Lai (Fu Jen Catholic U., Taiwan)

Co-Sponsored By

Cathay Japanese Cuisine Development Association
Chateau de Chine Hotel
Department of Hospitality Management, Taoyuan Innovation Institute of Technology, Taiwan
Department of NGO International Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Department of Recreation and Leisure Industry Management, National Taiwan Sport University, Taiwan 
Department of Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
Dongfeng Motel, Taiwan
Formosa Chang Co.,LTD.
Goodday Tour Co.,LTD.
Guey Lin Business Hotel, Taiwan
Hi-Scene World Enterprise Co.,LTD. Taiwan--NMMBA B.O.T Operation Management Company
Hometown Liquor Corporation
Hualien County Government, Taiwan 
L'Hotel de Chine Corporation
Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan 
Nan Ren Hu Entertainment Co LTD, Taiwan
New Taipei City Government, Taiwan
Stay Hotel, Taiwan
Taiwan Textile Research Institute, Taiwan 
Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation 
Topology Research Institute, Taiwan 
Tourism Bureau, Taiwan
Umemura Japanese Cuisine
Young Motel, Taiwan


The written and spoken language of EATSA Inaugural Conference is English or Chinese. 
All abstracts and articles should be sent to the address:


  • EATSA Best Paper Award
  • EATSA-FJU Outstanding Paper Award
  • EATSA-THTU Outstanding Paper Award
  • EATSA Best Europe-Asia Collaborative Paper Award
  • EATSA Best Europe-Asia Studies Paper Award


Important Dates

March 31, 2015 

Abstract Submission Due

April 7, 2015

Notification of Acceptance 

April 15, 2015

Early Bird Registration Due

April 17, 2015

Full Paper Submission Due

April 30, 2015

Registration Due

June 7~11, 2015

The Conference

Registration Fee


 Early Bird Registration

Late Registration

Regular Participant

310 EUR / 11,600 NTD

360 EUR / 13,600 NTD

Student Participant

260 EUR / 9,600 NTD

310 EUR / 11,600 NTD

Update: 2015/2/27
*The registration fee include 40€ for annual membership
**The registration fee include 20€ for wire transfer or credit card



Authors are invited to submit abstracts, relating to the seminar themes. The abstract should be written in English (in MS word format only) in less than 250 words. All abstracts should be structured as follows:

  • Title: The title should be short, preferably less than 15 words.
  • Author(s): Provide contact details for the authors including names, surnames, organization/company, phone/fax no, e-mail and full postal address.
  • Keywords: Provide up to 5 keywords.
  • Background: Short summary of relevant background and problem addressed.
  • Objectives: Define the "tangible and measurable" objectives of the work presented in the paper.
  • Methodology: Describe briefly the methodology that you are using or have used to achieve your objectives.
  • Results: Provide a short summary of the results.


All submitted papers must represent original research that has not been presented in other conferences or published in any journal.

A) Paper length

The paper length must be between 12 and 30 pages, or approximately between 3.500 and 8.000 words. Shorter or longer papers will be considered at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.

B) Manuscript style

The manuscript should follow these criteria: double-spaced, Times New Roman in 12-point on A-4 size paper.

Notes should be used only if absolutely necessary. When used, these should be identified in the text by consecutive numbers and presented at the end of the article.

When used for emphasis, underlining, italicization and capitalization should be kept to the minimum and should be consistent. Tables and figures will not be reproduced in colour, so authors are required to present them in a way that the information they contain is legible in black and white. Tables and figures (illustrations) should be embedded in the text. A short descriptive title should appear above each table and below each figure and the sources should be clearly identified below them.

References, citations, and general style of paper should follow the APA style ( The APA Publication Manual gives explicit instructions on punctuation, spelling, abbreviations, statistical formulae, etc.

C) Cover page data

Authors must use the following criteria:

  • The author’s name;
  • Title (author, e.g. Professor, Dr., Mr.);
  • Affiliation and address of the institution;
  • Address for correspondence;
  • Telephone number;
  • E-mail;
  • Short author's biography (about 75 words).
In the case of co-authors, the same details should be included for each author.