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Welcome to the website of the EATSA Conference 2017 !

The 3rd Annual Conference of EATSA – Euro-Asia Tourism Studies Association, that will take place in Japan, next August 21st-25th 2017, is an international forum for researchers and industry experts to exchange information regarding advances in the state of the art and application of tourism, hospitality and leisure management in the region of Euro-Asia.

The conference will be held in four different cities

21-24 August, 2017Nara (Nara Kasugano International Forum IRAKA)
24-25 August, 2017Shirahama (Costa Blanca)

Conference Center (Nara Kasugano International Forum IRAKA)



“Designing for Co-Creation in Euro-Asian Tourism”



The objectives of the EATSA Conference 2017 are:

  1. To provide an open forum for research and education in the field of tourism, hospitality and recreation in Asia and Europe.
  2. Promote the dialogue among scholars of all scientific disciplines engaged in the tourism studies, in order to move from the current multi-disciplinary approach to a more integrated and trans-disciplinary approach.
  3. Encourage the exchange of research results, practical experience, sharing new ideas and research projects, and developing research networks among members and their institutions.
  4. Promote a more intensive cooperation between European and Asian scholars in the fields of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation.
  5. Foster more close connections between tourism academia and tourism industry.
  6. To explore and discuss new perspectives on tourism and regional development in order to promote new methodological and empirical approaches.



  • Creative industry and tourism
  • Cultural values and tourism management
  • Experience economy and human life in tourism
  • Households and tourism
  • Interface connecting technology and humanity in tourism industries
  • Service and tourism industries
  • Social business and tourism
  • Social responsibility and business ethics in tourism issues
  • Sport tourism and ecology
  • Sustainable tourism and environment
  • Tourism promotion, communication, and tourism marketing


Nara Park and Nara Kasugano International Forum IRAKA and Deer

Horyuji-Temple (Est AD607) World Heritage The oldest wooden buildings in the world

Daibutsu(Gaiant Budda) in Todaiji-Temple Nara World Heritage

The EATSA 2017 consists of four types of sessions:
Coming Soon

I’m waiting for you.(resident of Nara Park)

Engetsu Is. in Shirahama

Shirarahama Coast (Costa Blanca) in Shirahama

Sandanbeki Cliff in Shirahama

Panda in Adventure World (8 pandas the most number of Panda except China)