Co-creation is a collaborative process where two or more individuals or entities work together to create something new or solve a problem. It involves sharing knowledge, ideas, and resources to develop a shared understanding and a collective outcome that benefits all participants. Co-creation is often used in product design, service delivery, and community building, but it can be applied to many different fields and industries. The key to successful co-creation is to create an environment of trust, respect, and openness, where all participants feel empowered to contribute and learn from each other. Co-creation in writing research papers in tourism refers to the collaborative process of creating research papers where researchers, practitioners, and other stakeholders work together to develop research questions, design research methods, analyze data, and interpret findings. This process emphasizes the importance of including diverse perspectives, knowledge, and experiences in the research process to produce meaningful and relevant research outcomes.

EATSA Tourism Co-creation Lab can help achieve this objective by providing a platform for researchers, practitioners, and other stakeholders to come together, exchange ideas, and collaborate on research projects. The lab will include a workshop that will help young researchers to share their research findings, discuss current trends and challenges in the field, and identify areas for future research with eminent editors and co-editors of journals 

Overall, this co-creation lab will help in writing research papers on tourism, promoting collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the development of innovative research ideas that can advance the field of tourism research. The last step of the workshop will result in getting the research work accepted in the required format of those journals and published.


The objective of EATSA Tourism Cafe Lab is to get actively involved in the development of the tourism industry and works with destinations and tourism organizations in Europe & Asia and around the world to provide practical, research-based solutions to tourism problems. The expected outcome of EATSA Tourism Cafe Lab is to regularly undertake projects for academia and industry. Our projects may include:

  • Marketing and Economic Research
  • Value-Added Data Analysis
  • Educational Program and Curriculum Development
  • Planning and Development
Our clients may include:
  • Hotels & Recreational Parks
  • Tourism Operations and attractions
  • Convention and Visitors Bureaus, state tourist offices
  • Cities and communities
  • College & Universities


The Best PhD Award is given to the PhD Student who has written the paper with the highest quality. The Best PhD Award is determined by the organizing committee.

The Best Euro-Asian Collaborative Paper Award is given to co-authors of the paper that presents the best Euro-Asian joint research. It is selected using the same methodology that was referred for the Best Paper Award.

The Best Paper Award is given to the author of the paper which has the highest quality among all competitive papers presented at the conference.

Connect with us

If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to: eatsaconfindia2023@gmail.com