VOLUME III – December 2022
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Editorial: Inaugural issue of EATSJ

On behalf of the Board of the Journal of Euro Asia Tourism Studies (EATSJ) and my co-editors, I am glad to announce the Inaugural issue of EATSJ scheduled for December 2019.
The Euro Asia Tourism Studies Journal (EATSJ), is a peer-reviewed academic journal publishing theoretical, conceptual and empirical research about tourism and hospitality. Journal is opened for novel perspective to have an international appeal presenting the very latest research results related to broadly understood tourism aspects. The research published in this journal, targets at advancing knowledge and critical understanding of tourism related issues. The EATSJ encourages research based on a variety of methods, including both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The EATSJ is published online (open-access) semi-annually. It is a free digital publication, subject to peer review (double blind) specialising in the tourism business and academic analysis of the various processes that take place in the tourism system. The journal aims to provide and improve the communication and collaboration between academics, researchers and practitioners working in the tourism industry, so as to create a platform where new ideas concerning tourism and tourism management are offered.

EATSJ also aims to provide a platform to promote our junior European and Asian researchers. whose key purpose, is to encourage Early Career Researchers (ECR), PhD and Masters Candidates to publish their research outcomes. We encourage all aspiring authors to submit their research work for consideration. Our capable editorial board will provide help and support to ease any publication challenges. In this way, our commitment is to assist a new generation of European and Asian tourism researchers to realise their publication potentials. We will reach this stage through the constant support of Editorial Board Members and intellectual generosity of the readers and contributors (authors and reviewers).

The EATSJ – Euro-Asia Tourism Studies Journal is committed to the best practices in Tourism and Hospitality research. This is, to ensure high standards of international cooperation, with the aim to bolster the scientific knowledge in Tourism and Hospitality research.

To ensure a high level of competence and a novel perspective on tourism issues our Editorial Board consists of young researchers from Europe and Asia an is supported and mentored by senior academics – world recognised tourism authorities from leading European and Asian academic centres.

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Kevser Çınar
Chief Editor of EATSJ


Madhuri Sawant
Editorial board of EATSJ

Aleksandra Łapko
Editorial board of EATSJ


Enrico Panai
Editorial board of EATSJ

Editorial: Inaugural issue of EATSJ by Kevser Çınar, Madhuri Sawant, Aleksandra Łapko, Enrico Panai is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International