Special Events

We are pleased to invite you to contribute to the 8th Annual Conference of EATSA (Euro-Asia Tourism Studies Association) taking place in two cities in Hungary: Veszprém, the 2023 European Capital of Culture, and Budapest, the national capital, between 4-8 July 2022. The central theme of the conference is the Renaissance of Culture in Asia and Europe. The EATSA 2022 Conference offers a worldwide forum for attendees from academia and industry to actively exchange, share, and challenge ideas and research on travel and tourism hospitality and recreation.

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Desmond Wee

Desmond Wee is Professor of Tourism at CBS Cologne in Germany. As Director of Studies (International Tourism Management), his passion lies in creating projects outside the classroom merging research-based teaching, problem-based learning and design thinking processes, so that students learn tourism through experiencing place and engaging the self. Desmond’s research interests explore consumption theories, consumer culture, leisure practices and critical tourism using contemporary approaches in visual and reflexive methodologies in the areas of space, identity, imagination and performance. He focuses on a tourism of the everyday by analysing symbolic orders and cultural practices focusing on global mobilities in urban settings. Desmond is currently working on a series of projects dedicated to ‘walking’ as embodied practice across various ‘Lebenswelten’ to frame social arenas involving ‘fields’ of material conditions, social encounters and their implicit relations. As Vice-President (Europe) of EATSA, he hopes to build connections between Europe and Asia through reimagining how ‘European’ identity can be seen from without, through the eyes of the other.

Shuji Kogi

Born in Kagoshima prefecture of Japan in 1951. He has been involved in his father’s
international exchange activities since he was a boy. In addition to his day job, he participated
in the establishment of the EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee as its Secretary General in 1992.
Since 1993, EU-Japan Fest has supported Japan-related programs at 51 European Capital of
Culture in 31 countries to date.

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EATSA bestows three awards at its conferences: Best Paper Award, Best Euro-Asian Collaborative Paper Award and Best Reviewer Award.

Best PhD Award

The Best PhD Award is given to the PhD Student who has written the paper with the highest quality. The Best PhD Award is determined by the organizing committee.

Best Euro-Asian Collaborative Paper Award

The Best Euro-Asian Collaborative Paper Award is given to co-authors of the paper that presents the best Euro-Asian joint research. It is selected using the same methodology that was referred for the Best Paper Award.

Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award is given to the author of the paper which has the highest quality among all competitive papers presented at the conference.