Membership Benefits

Integrating a new research community

EATSA will be focused on international research collaboration, publication and mutual support. The association will help members in a large range of areas, including website and electronic communication; exchange of ideas; comparative research; integration in new research projects, etc. Individual member will be able to search in the members’ database research interests and other activities, in order to seek out prospective research partners, and contact them.

Networking with members of tourism research community

On the basis of the already existing experience, EATSA will create an environment for researchers, business executives and others to network, exchange ideas and collaborate. In annual meetings of the association and in the annual conferences (both taking place in the same city and institution) will be created an informal atmosphere and include field trips and social events.

Presenting your research

The annual conference offers an ideal opportunity to test your ideas and research findings with peers and experts. Papers submitted to EATSA conferences are thoroughly blind-reviewed, and authors are offered the opportunity to revise their papers based on reviewers’ feedback (this is a requirement for inclusion in the conference proceedings). Conference sessions comprise competitive, workshop and PhD tracks, so members can present their research at an appropriate level. The EATSA conferences are open to all representatives of the tourism research community, but the EATSA members will be positively discriminated with a special discount in the registration fee.

Disseminating your work

EATSA offers excellent dissemination and publication opportunities. All accepted papers are printed in full length in the conference proceedings. In addition, selected papers from every year’s conference are published either in a book with a leading international publisher or as a special issue of a refereed journal.

Other benefits

Members have access to any other benefits associated to special agreements between EATSA and public and private institutions: special discounts in books and journals published by leading international companies; discounts in any event promoted by EATSA; and invitations to participate in international collaborative research networks.